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NOM still trying to Fight Marriage Equality

Well its been almost a month since the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 legalizing Marriage Equality nation wide yet NOM (National Organization for Marriage  ) didn’t get the memo. Yes Brian Brown and his bigoted entourage seem to think that they can turn back the clocks to 2002 and reverse the verdict.

The website www.nationformarriage.com is still up and running and has its usual psycho-babble blogs of hate. There’s one thing you have to give to Brian Brown is he stays on message no matter how wrong and dated that message is. There’s a blog on their site urging the Alabama Supreme Court to “Stand Strong for Marriage”. They obviously want to entice the states shit for brains Attorney General and its far right leaning Supreme Court.

All we can say is bring it on Brian as we have knocked you down to size and will continue to  beat you every time with every challenge.

Study: Homophobes Repressing Their Own Sexuality

To many of us in the gay community this really comes as no surprise. The new research from the University of Rochester confirms that intense hostility toward LGBT people who live openly and proud is mostly due to ones repressed same-sex attraction and their parental upbringing.

Psychology professor Richard Ryan who coauthored the study told USA today that people who to have publicly expressed sexual desires that are disjointed from their unconscious sexual desires see gay people as threatening. Those conflicts lead to expressions of homophobia and discrimination.

The study surveyed 640 college students in the US and Germany. Participants were asked to rate the the attractiveness of people of both sexes. They were also asked to answer questions about the type of parenting they experienced as a child and witnessing homophobia in the home. People with more accepting parents were more in tune with their own sexual orientation.

For the likes of former Idaho Senator Larry Craig and the National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown this sadly makes all to much sense for their vocal and expressed views towards gays.