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Flashback Friday: Melissa Etheridge

If there is a badder bitch than Melissa Etheridge someone let me know!  She was basically a staple of the 90’s and a lesbian icon all over the world.  I’ve gotta tell you, a Melissa Etheridge oldie came on my iTunes at work the other day and I have to admit…I was totally rockin out.  I mean, ya know, subtly but rockin out nonetheless.

Take some time out of the last workday of the week and do some rockin out of your own!

Flashback Friday: Journey

Journey is one band that is full of classics. With the upcoming release of Rock of Ages I just couldn’t resist myself!  Their biggest and best song, in my opinion, is OF COURSE “Don’t Stop Believing”.

This song is just inspiring and totally infectious.  I don’t care what kind of people you put together EVERYONE loves this song!  Even better, everyone sings.

This song is like a musical team building exercise…