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Adam Lambert To Perform With Queen

OMG my heart be still!  The love of my life has confirmed that he will perform with Queen at the Sonisphere festival this summer in England.  Brian May said Freddie Mercury would certainly approve.

Lambert and the remaining members of Queen will perform on the second day of the festival at Knebworth Park in Stevenage, north of London.

Anyone wanna go to London?

Gay Bob Doll

This is RICH!  So in 1977 the first openly gay doll was created…Gay Bob.  Bob was created by a former advertising executive named Harvey Rosenberg and marketing through his own company, Gizmo Development.

Gay Bob stands at 13 inches tall and comes complete with flannel shirt, tight jeans and cowboy boots.  Shit, he’d fit right into Wilton Manors.  I’ve seen ya’ll in your Ranglers.  The best part is that the doll is anatomically correct.  That’s right, we’ve got a picture of his junk…