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Lady Gaga's Message Of Identity

In her national Thanksgiving special broadcast on ABC nationally on Thursday, Lady Gaga played all of the hits we’ve come to love.  Before playing her smash hit Hair, Gaga made one of her infamous speeches about bullying.

I know I’ve said that it’s getting a little redundant and how everything with her is a lesson now, but I can’t help but see the importance in what she is trying to convey. Everyone gets bullied at some point and kudos to her for letting us all in and telling us the story of how she didn’t have a place to sit in her school cafeteria.


P dot S, check out the awesome picture I found of her from forever ago!  Pretty doppeeeee

Gaga Performs Hair W/O Hair

People can say what they want, but girl has some damn pipes on her.  Check out her Paul O’Grady Show performance where she works it out with just herself and her piano.  She is one hell of a performer.  And I’m loving the hairy piano. Every performance she gives, she makes it feel as if she’s just kind of jammin out by herself.