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Pet Parade

Wilton Drive Pet Parade is a Hit with the Dogs & Fans

Well last night was one of the more fun evenings that Wilton Drive has had and the main attractions was the dogs & pets of the Halloween Pet Parade. The parade started at Hagan Park at 7pm and went down The Drive (Wilton Drive) and ended at Matty’s.

The crowd was fun and festive and the dogs were simply adorable and amazingly all got along. There were Shih-Tzu’s dressed up as a fireman, a Poodle dressed up as Wonder Woman, a Bull-Dog dressed up a Great White shark and hundreds of others. This was a night of laughs and on-lookers cheering at each business and condo terrace. We look forward to being back next year. Hope to see you all on the Drive for Wicked Manors next weekend.

Dungeons and Drag Queens web_2

Village Pub presents Dungeons and Drag Queens

As part of the Village Pubs celebration of their 2nd Anniversary on the Drive they will have one night that truly stands out as fun: Dungeons and Drag Queens!

Come join their staff and be entertained by a night of horror and surprises, a prelude to their anniversary and of course the month of October and upcoming Wicked Manors / Halloween. This evening will have shows, raffles and a silent auction and so much more.

This is a benefit for the Florida Smart Ride and there is no cover charge.

Remember one of the longest and best Happy Hours runs Monday – Saturday at the Village Pub starting at 11am till 9pm. This event is sponsored by Ketel One Vodka. If you will be visiting the Fort Lauderdale-Wilton Manors area stay at the only award winning guesthouse: The Cabanas Guesthouse & Spa, just minutes away from the drive and the beach!