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What’s next for Wilton Drive

Well the past 20 years has seen the city of Wilton Manors and more specific Wilton Drive change at a record pace. Yes what was once a slow and in many places run city and road way has turned into one of South Florida’s biggest restaurant and night life hot spots.

The bigger question remains: what will the next 20 years bring for Wilton Manors & Wilton Drive. If you have been paying attention to the news lately the Drive has drawn attention for speeding drivers and several accidents. There have been public demonstrations demanding the city, county and state take action.

It all seems that city of Wilton Manors is at the crossroads with where the future will take it. The most common thought is that where there is either room or something old is that it should be torn down and redone. The Old Seafood House restaurant and strip mall have been mentioned to be on the chopping block for something more grand and new.

Lets just hope that the city leaders and planners really try and take it to the next level. More green space and parking along with a safer and better laid out Wilton Drive.

Wilton Manors city council says no to transgender health care bill

It appears the city of Wilton Manors leaders have said no for transgender health benefits that would assist in their transitioning. The city council all had different responses that varied from the proposed bill lead by City Commissioner Julie Carson. But the overall result came up short and not able to pass.

This bill was thought to be very likely of passing in this left leaning liberal city in Broward County. The city of San Francisco passed this ten years and have allowed for transgender many added benefits.

“It’s the right thing to do. Care is affordable and should not be excluded,” Carson said. In her advocacy, she cited the high suicide rate among transgender individuals and how medical and mental health professionals have deemed transgender procedures as medically necessary to the health and well-being of individuals who identify as a different gender than the one they were born into. She called it “disgraceful” the city did not provide benefits and that she had brought the issue up multiple times in the past, meeting resistance each time.

The cost associated with some of the needs from a transgender person can be into the tens of thousands or more. Commissioner Tom Green said he couldn’t justify having the city and its employees pay more per year for insurance. “Who knows when this will be used,” said Green. “I’m for the idea. Not now. Not this.”