Fort Lauderdale Ranks Among Top Gay Destinations

Courtesy of Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

The annual list of top U.S. destinations for gay and lesbian travelers was released on Wednesday, and once again, Fort Lauderdale ranked high.

Here are the results from the 15th annual ranking by Community Marketing Inc., the San Francisco-based company specialized in gay and lesbian travel.

The findings are based on a survey of 4,800 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender  (LGBT) travelers. They were asked: Where did you travel to in the past 12 months, and spend at least one night in a hotel?

Overall, the survey found that LGBT travel slipped by 1 percent to 3 percent last year. All destinations showed some decline except New Orleans. New Orleans jumped from a destination ranking #19 in 2009 to #13 in 2010, likely reflecting the city’s tourism revival after reconstruction from damage in Hurricane Katrina.

The lists below show the rankings and the percentage of respondents who spent a night in a hotel in that city in the past year.

Top 10 US Destinations for American LGBT Travelers (Leisure + Business)
1) New York City 27%
2) San Francisco 23%
3) Las Vegas 22%
3) Chicago 22%
3) Los Angeles 22%
6) Washington, DC 21%
7) Fort Lauderdale 14%
7) San Diego, CA 14%
9) Boston, MA 12%
9) Orlando, FL 12%
9) Philadelphia 12%
9) Seattle 12%

Top 10 Leisure Destinations (Not Including Business Travel)
1) New York City 19%
2) San Francisco 17%
2) Las Vegas 17%
4) Chicago 14%
4) Los Angeles 14%
6) Washington, DC 13%
7) Fort Lauderdale 11%
8) Palm Springs, CA 10%
9) Orlando, FL 9%
9) San Diego, CA 9%

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