Scott Herman, "If I have to swing my shield, I will".

By Jason Shutts

Model, Fitness Guru, LGBT activist and ally Scott Herman, from season 21 of MTV’s The Real World is continuing to find ways that he can support the underdogs of society, the LGBT community, those who are bullied and those who need motivation, inspiration and confidence. As Herman said “What’s the point of living if you’re not making a difference in the world, what’s the point of having a community behind you who support you and love you if you aren’t doing anything?”

Certainly Herman is doing his best to make an impact on the hearts and minds of the public- from GLAAD public service announcements, speaking events his involvement with the Trevor Project, as well as many others. “I’m not some kind of a hero, obviously I’m making some kind of a difference, and there’s a lot of out there people making a difference. My point is I’m a strong person, very political, diplomatic and smart, but at the end of the day if I have to swing my shield I will.”

Bullying, of all the issues is the issue closest to home for him. It is hard to believe that this confident, ambitious and sympathetic reality star was less than 100-pounds in Middle School, making him subject to frequent bullying. “When I was getting bullied a lot, getting the s**t kicked out of me, my brothers and friends even they turned a blind eye.”

These experiences instigated Herman, now 25, to start working-out at 12, paving the path to uncover his true potential. By the time he reached High School he was able to do what others were unable to do for him, defend the defenseless. Rather than take the path of least resistance Herman would step in, “to be a shield to those who cannot protect themselves.”

“Those experiences,” he said, “finally gave me purpose.” While working at the gym, eventually Herman was quickly promoted. His dedication to work, school, and fitness paid off. Later, he became the first of his family to graduate college.

As a dedicated entrepreneur Herman has used his talents and knowledge to branch into modeling, music, personal training and fitness. The personal training and fitness videos Herman offers via Facebook, YouTube and his SHF website for free. Herman does this diligently by building the “Hermanation” and spending “six to eight hours a day, because I love to communicate [with] and encourage my fans.” He now has over 100,000 “Hermanites” between the various outlets.

This popularity has grown to an extent that his training videos have received over 13 million views. “I like to share my hints with people, because it helps you set your goals. Once you can achieve your goals, that will help build that confidence,” said Herman, who in turn hopes that confidence will inspire the abused as much as inspire people to defend others.

To follow Herman’s fitness advice, track his various community activities and other ventures visit him at

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