Is Your Profile Too Lame?

Profiling is something that most police departments get accused of doing. It’s usually a big no no but in the gay community, profiling is a way of life. Of course we’re talking about online adult profiles, and it seems almost every gay man has one.  Gay men all over South Florida are posting profiles in search of long term relationships, quick hook ups and/or casual friendships.  So how does your profile stand out? Got more messages than you can handle or are you barely getting a response?  If you’re not getting the attention you deserve, try these tips:

1. Imitation is the highest form of flattery: Find the profiles that you like and compare your profile to theirs. What is similar and what is different? Don’t plagiarize but use their profiles as a template to mold yours.

2.  Photos speak a thousand words: By all means, have at least one photo, preferably a face photo. Nothing elicits a negative response than a profile with no photos.  Can you imagine a book with no cover?  You may be a good read but without something to catch the viewer eyes, very few will care. With that in mind, rotate new photos. Imagine your profile as a storefront. Want people to buy what you’re selling?  Then make your window display interesting.

3.  Choose what’s behind door #3: Some guys show everything up front. Not that there is anything wrong with that but when you go to the movies, do filmmakers show you the ending first? No. They build up the suspense and anticipation to hook you in. Shouldn’t you do the same? Keep some photos locked, private or hidden. After all, people are more intrigued about what they can’t see rather then what they can.

4.  The N word…Nudity: So a lot of guys put their junk out for everyone to see. Some even spread ‘em like a butterflied chicken breast.  There’s that old saying, “Sex Sells,” but in fact, it isn’t sex but sensuality.  The most provocative pictures in the world aren’t flagrant displays of one’s engorged member but of the lips, the eyes, the smile and the body silhouette.  Think of a black and white photo of James Dean peering up with dreamy eyes…yea you the point.

5.  Pass the magnifying glass please: If you need a magnifying glass to view your…photos, it’s time to update your profile. No one wants to see postage size photos. If you have photos that small, it sends the message that you’re hiding something or that you’re antiquated. If gentlemen in their 70’s can post full size pictures, so can you.

6.  Laughter is a true aphrodisiac: It’s true, funny guys are attractive. Humor is one of the most sought after quality among daters. Make your profile jovial, light and upbeat. Don’t publish a long list of wants, preferences, likes and what nots. A laundry list like that comes off as boring and unimaginative.

While this list is not all-inclusive, it should help garner some attention. But the main key is to be original and above everything else, be yourself.

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