Amanda Lepore: Number One Transvestite

Amanda Lepore is an American model and performer who has been the face of companies like Heatherette, M.A.C. and Swatch.  Lepore is one of David LaChapelle’s most regular muses and she’s been a regular on the runways of New York Fashion Week.  However, before Amanda was a she, Amanda was a he. 

Originally born Armand, a boy from Cedar Grove, New Jersey, Lepore grew up a product of a chemical engineer father and a schizophrenic mother.  After seeing a show at the age of 11, this mere child decided that he wanted to have a sex change.  Lepore decided at this age that he could not bare dressing as a boy, so he went to school dressed as a girl.  It wasn’t long after this decision that the school made it clear that he was not allowed to attend school dressed as a female student.  Lepore opted for homeschooling.

At 15 years old, Lepore began designing costumes for dancers at a strip club in her town and after developing breasts, Lepore’s tutor recommended a psychiatrist who diagnosed her as transgendered.  This is the term used to describe an individual who identifies or expresses a gender identity that is different from the one that corresponds to their sex at birth.

This psychiatrist helped Lepore obtain the hormones legally, and encouraged the change.  Lepore’s first plastic surgery operation was a gift performed at age 15 by her then plastic surgeon boyfriend.  It was a rhinoplasty.  Overall, she has had three breast augmentations, her eyes slanted twice, her forehead lifted, her hairline pulled down and her brow bone reduced.  This does not include silicone and enlargement injections to her forehead, butt, hips and lips.

After a failed relationship with the surgeon, Lepore began seeing a bookstore owner who, initially, was not aware that she was transgendered.  When she told him, he accepted her, accepted her situation and introduced her to his family who also accepted her.  It was his parents who took Lepore to the doctor for the final operation.  At age 17, Lepore had a full sex-reassignment operation.

She soon married, and then eventually divorced, the bookstore owner.  It was then that Lepore moved to her new home in New York City.  Her first job in NYC had her working at a salon for $45 a day.  She soon took her friend’s advice and became a dominatrix where she made considerably more money.  It was in New York City that she hooked up with Michael Alig, party promoter and leader of the Club Kid generation, photographer David LaChapelle, and Richie Rich who would later become a founder of the clothing line Heatherette.

Through all of her networking and social meetings with people, Lepore became a center of attention and began modeling.  It was this line of profession that catapulted Lepore into transvestite stardom. 

Today, Lepore has done everything from movies to music and is hands down the most recognizable transvestite in the world.  For up to date information on Amanda, including upcoming appearances as well as pictures, you can join her facebook fan page HERE.

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