Britney's Second Single Review

We really need to discuss Britney Spear’s second single off of her yet to be released “Femme Fatale,” because it is kind of amazing.  “Till The World Ends,” is the follow up to “Hold It Against Me,” and it definitely has an undeniable club appeal.  Judging from the two singles, “Femme Fatale” sounds like it is going to sound very similar to “Black Out,” with just the right amount of synthesizer and bass.

Some are calling the release of “Till The World Ends,” a leak but if it was than the Britney camp did nothing to stop it, which kind of makes the theory completely void.   “Femme Fatale,” has a set release date for March 29 and Britney has already been making her magazine rounds, recently being featured in Out Magazine’s “Ladies We Love,” issue.  In the spread, Britney looks absolutely amazing in a black leotard.

Britney is officially back…again.

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