Revisited: Starbucks 26th Street

Anytime I feel like I may be experiencing writer’s block, I just drive to our local gay Wilton Manors’ Starbucks and it’s like the ideas just start flowing…kind of.  When I sit at my computer in this ginormous chair judging with my eyes I totally and completely feel like a Mean Girl.

Honestly, the Starbucks clientele in the morning is a totally different breed than the one you experience in the early or even late afternoon.  This particular Starbucks is like sitting in a really gay episode of Cheers.  I think I was the only one who didn’t get greeted by name…Clearly they just don’t know who I am.

It’s like before you go to work, the cool kids have to stop by Starbucks and socialize.  Kind of in love with the idea of a mid morning social period.  And everyone here is so damn pretty.  Okay yea, the plastic surgery and the botox doesn’t hurt, but I’m sure these people were pretty even before all that. Right?

No joke, though, EVERYONE in the morning here is so nice and polite.  It’s a nice change from the gruff attitude you get from pretty much everyone, everywhere else in the world.  Kudos to you people of Wilton Manors Starbucks!


2 thoughts on “Revisited: Starbucks 26th Street

  1. I go there almost every morning and some afternoons as well. Great piece! Its true as written. Our bar! Runs out of parking once in awhile, especially since you can’t park in Publix lot anymore. The music is too loud, the A.C. too cold. I complain on the Web site, someone in Seattle can’t find Wilton Manors and asks for clarification, then they never comment but send me lots of free coffee coupons. I only drink black Pike so if you want a fancy free drink come and see me. The other day they brought new furniture, allegedly from a show in Miami. Big fat chairs that make less total seats. We are all talking about that a little. See you there. I’ll be by the front door with my coat on and earplugs.

    1. I thought the seating arrangement looked different!! I’ll see ya there don’t forget those coupons haha!

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