Starbucks Socialites Unite

Drama-rama! Word on the street is that certain gay Wilton Manors socialites are VERY upset over the table rearrangement at Starbucks 26th Street. Now, you all know I love me some 26th Street, but this is kind of upsetting!

My secret source said that he and a group of other men, who shall remain unnamed, go to Starbucks every morning and sit at the same table located by the door that leads to the patio area.  One morning only a week or two ago, the men arrived at Starbucks only to find that the table they used every morning suddenly had been relocated.  Dun Dun Dunnnnn

Unfortunately for Starbucks, the rearranged furniture shed some light on some health hazards…literally.  An air vent that has a film, like 5 layers deep of dust is now highly visible to the Wilton Manors socialites, who never noticed the vent before the table relocation.

The worst part about the air vent is that it is located directly above most of the machines.  My sources tell me that sometimes, if you watch, you can see dust particles slowly fall onto the machines and possibly even into drinks…and the plot thickens!

Hmmm…Starbucks, I suggest you fix this.  It’s kind of gross, just sayin.

Check out the vent for yourself…


5 thoughts on “Starbucks Socialites Unite

  1. Thank you for exposing this gross injustice to Starbuck’s clientele. Literally, the s**t has hit the fan!!

    I can report to you now that the fan has been cleaned and once again your iced mocha latte can be ordered, HOLD THE DUST.

    We are all eagerly awaiting the return of our table to its rightful place.

    Keep up the good and incisive reporting.

  2. Seriously, y’all have nothing better to do than to whine and *itch about the rearrangement of the tables. Go do something more productive, like an aids walk or something.

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