Something I Said, Starbucks?

Wilton Manors Starbucks socialites rejoice!!  We have won this battle!  The table that was missing after the furniture rearrangement at Starbucks 26th Street is now back to its rightful position by the door that leads to the patio.

The vent above the machines has also been cleaned.

Kudos to the staff of Starbucks 26th Street for being responsive and listening to the people. THAT is how a real business operates.  Gay Wilton Manors can now go back to its normal programming.


6 thoughts on “Something I Said, Starbucks?

  1. It’s great to hear Starbucks clientele in Wilton Manors are happy again. I too, sit in the cafe for extended periods of time and overheard the drama, however I have my own sources that reveal what was happening. Here it goes: The furniture arrangement was never permanent. Although I am happy to hear everyone rejoice from the returned furniture brought on by a blogosphere mutiny, that is not the case. The furniture was only half completed from the beginning and it was merely a waiting game for the rest. There you have it. Not so salacious, huh?

    Im a ‘regular’ and know for a fact that these people work hard to prepare our beverages as fast as they can. They do it with a smile and charisma pretty much everyday, 8 hours a day. I’ve even noticed past blogs about how wonderful they are on this website. Those people that sit at that table are treated very graciously by the baristas. The barista’s love them. ( I sound jealous lol). I know because I see it. I know for a fact, that the last thing the baristas or managers at Starbucks Wilton Manors would ever want is to make their clientele unhappy. I know because I see it. I feel I should come to their defense here.

    I see them cleaning a lot these days. The place was never filthy, although that vent was gross, but with the rearranging of furniture and deep cleaning, spots that weren’t tended to as often as they should become noticed. C’mon people. It’s happen to us all. Even on this beautiful island of Wilton Manors.

    The point I’m trying to make is to lay off a little bit. They respond fast to any customer complaints like a good business should. The vent is now clean, as reported. Now let them continue doing their jobs making our days. Aside from the eye candy, you know thats why you go there- they are that good. Where’s the love I see them give you? Any business can take your dollar if the product is good. Starbucks coffee sells itself, but the atmosphere of this place is what makes it unique and that’s brought on by the baristas. Again, where’s the love?

    1. we love starbucks, we really REALLY do. And you’re absolutely right, this particular Starbucks does show their clientele an immense amount of love and it is definitely appreciated! That was a great point.

  2. It’s so sad that you’re so against change, and the big doozy is that you take time out if your day to nag about a simple furniture rearrangement. Instead complain about those queens with their nasty dogs inside the store.

    1. Oscar, you sound like your a lot of fun…not a dog lover? I’d take the company of a dog over you any day of the week 🙂 -P.S. leave those pooch loving queens alone-were guessing your so big and butch?

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