Destination: Humpy's Pizza

Alright, so this really kind of really peeves me…just sayin.  I go to lunch everyday in the area around my office building, which is centrally located on Wilton Drive across from the Shoppes of Wilton Manors.  Sometimes I go to Juice Blendz (I’m addicted), other times I get some weird cake thing from Java Boys (so good) and then there’s the times when I go to Humpy’s Pizza (oy vey).  Yet, every time I go in there I leave thinking I’ll never go back.

I’m a pretty bubbly person, so I’ve been told.  The staff there is just SO not nice, almost miserable.  Like, really?  There’s one guy there who could be described as cordial, but the rest of them…well, you’re lucky if you can get 2 words out of them.  Now I get it, I’m a little girl in gay Wilton Manors (a girl with a blog might I add).  Kind of a minority.  But still, a customer is a customer!

The food is mediocre and for the price, I’m pretty sure I could find another Italian pizza joint on Oakland or even down the road that’s just as good.  And even though their cupcakes look friggin’ amazing, so do Publix’s.  Thanks.  Lighten up, Humpy’s and take some lessons from the staff at your local Starbucks.  END SCENE.

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