David Magazine Is Closing

The rumors are true…David Magazine Is Closing.  They had a good run…NOT.

My inside sources told me that one of the main reasons that the magazine is closing its doors is because most of its staff went over to Mark’s List.  Damn, Marky plays dirty.

David Magazine is like the Jessica Simpson of gay Fort Lauderdale rags.  You wanna like it because its visually appealing, but it wasn’t the first nor is it anywhere near the best and there’s nothing unique about it.  Sighhhh.

Sorry David Magazine, you’re like the blonde stepchild that nobody really cares about.

5 thoughts on “David Magazine Is Closing

  1. you service is quite lousy. Your write ups are quite infantile. I really dont understand how you are still in business.

    1. that’s really interesting…i wonder what will happen to him. there’s only so long that you can owe people money until they start to come after you with lawyers…

  2. Sorry South Florida (my native home) had to deal with this guy. He has left a trail of deceit all over Georgia as well. Feel free to check the recent history of Atlanta’s Southern Voice Newspaper and David Magazine (Atlanta edition).

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