Drag Queen Extraordinaire

If you’ve ever been to The Palace South Beach on a Friday night, you’ve surely seen Latrice Royale. Seriously though she’s like 7 feet tall and straight out of Compton, you really can’t miss her!

This entertaintress has been gracing stages at gay bars for close to 19 years and is an insane performer! She thrives off of quick beats, the energy from the crowd and her own ambition.

Latrice said that for her, doing drag started out as a dare and it was on a Halloween night when she first referred to herself as “getting into drag.” Homegirl dressed as Wanda from “In Living Color.”  Latrice was a self proclaimed hot mess that night…okayyyyy.

Besides her size and her insane ability to jump in the air and land doing a split (i’m a girl and I can’t even do a split without feeling like I ripped something) Latrice says that she really never had a “drag mother.”  This is something that really sets her apart from other queens.

“I did have a person in my life in the beginning that I thought was going to be, however, it didn’t work out,” Latrice said.  “I have a few people who have been a major influence in my career.  The legendary Tiffany Arieagus, she’s had the most influence on who I am today.  I actually started out in her Drag Wars at the Copa in Fort Lauderdale.”

Ok, now get this…B*tch holds FIFTEEN titles and is the newly crowned Miss South Florida Illusions Plus 2011.  Well deserved in my expert opinion.  Yes, I am an expert on the queens thank you very much.

Currently, Latrice is preparing to return to the Miss Gay USofA at Large pageant which takes place this October in Tampa.  You can catch her performing in the tri-county areas of South Florida though, including gay Fort Lauderdale and South Beach.  Latrice performs at Bill’s Filling Station, Voodoo Lounge, Rebar, Mekka, Ft. Dix and of course, The Palace on Friday’s from 6-10.

Keep up the great work Latrice, werk it gurl!

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