Drag Queen Extraordinaire

Get ready gay south Florida because it is about to get REAL! Make sure you fluff the pillow on that thrown because Rianna Petrone has just entered the Palace (pun intended).

Rianna Petrone is one of the most electric queens in all of Florida. With her high energy performances and crazy air summersaults, girl knows how to werk it.

Miss Rianna started doing drag some 5 years ago under the wing of Velvet LeNore.   She says she initially started performing because she wanted to explore a new side of her musical ability and creativity.   Let me tell you, I’ve known Rianna for many years and she can take a song apart and put it back together and make it sound better! Talent doesn’t even begin to describe.

“I work at Fort Dix in West Palm Beach as a cast member, The Bar in Lake Worth, Lounge in downtown West Palm..but recently started in South Beach, Miami at Palace,” Rianna said.

Well, gay Miami, you’re in for a huge delight. Not only do you have Latrice Royale, but now you’ve got Rianna Petrone!  Insanity I tell you!  Make sure you look out for Rianna at Palace on Friday nights! I promise, this is one show you DO NOT want to miss.

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