Destination: Java Boys

A few days ago, I was feeling a little lazy…I admit it.  The first step is acceptance, right? Anyways, I really didn’t feel like driving the 2 blocks to Starbucks 26th Street, even though I do love Steven (with a ‘v’ I was corrected).  So I figured to burn off the five M&M’s I ate earlier that day I’d walk my happy self to Java Boys.

First of all, can we please discuss that it was almost just as crowded as Starbucks. I was pretty shocked.  After I walked past all of the guys sitting at the outdoor tables and after I made it through the jungle of stares i got (ya know, because I’m a real girl with real boobies) I made it to the counter where I was greeted by some super nice, perky men.

I have to say, I was a little apprehensive about going to Java Boys because they are located SO close to Humpy’s.  I wasn’t sure if the bad attitudes from Humpy’s were going to seep through the walls into Java Boys.  It didn’t, ya’ll are safe.

So i ordered my small iced coffee, which tasted amazing.  The guy at the counter also called me “sweetie,” which I’m a big fan of.  It just kind of reminds me of the South and for some reason I just like it.  Go with it.

In all seriousness though, Java Boys is a really great establishment.  If you’re looking for a nice, chill place to hang out during the day I suggest going and hanging out there.  They have a few tv’s set up and while i was relaxing in one of the most comfortable chairs ever, they were playing Lisa Lampanelli.

Gay Wilton Manors is lucky to have a business like this.  Keep up the good work!


5 thoughts on “Destination: Java Boys

  1. I am a straight man and I do think they have excellent coffe and bagels, but I will not go in there due to the akward “he’s straight” stares I recieve each and every time without fail..

    Before I even make it in the door, the smoking queens out there on the sidewalk are giving me the death stare… Well, queens, if it happens again you’re going to get punched in the face..

    Have some respect, there are straight men who are not offended by your sexuality and who do not deserve the evil treatment… Quit treating us like shit!!

  2. To: Just Some Straight Dude

    Guess now you know what it feels like to be gay in a heterocentrist America. Fuck you.

    1. I would f*ck you, but i’m not gay so, yeah, not gonna happen..

      Really though, you guys should respect straights who respect the fact that you have your own little gay culture going on here.. At least you guys have a somewhat tight-knit neighborhood who support each other.. I support you guys too but the snobby BS is rediculous…

      Grow the f*ck up.. You never know when one of you may need a straight guy to beat somebody up for you, so you should be nice.. Or go ahead and continue to segregate yourself from society and cry about the hatred, it’s up to you.. I just figured most gays would have a better attitude and be less judgemental..

  3. Um, “straight dude”: chillax con take it easy…aren’t death stares and stank-itudes part of the experience? 🙂 I welcome them. And don’t be threatening to punch them in the face. First off, that’s not very nice, but most importantly, them big girls are STRONG.

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