Good Gay Son or Bad Gay Son V.2

Here at Wilton Drive Online, we love our mommies and as most of you probably already know May is the month of mothers. Okay, well…maybe not, but it’s the month that includes Mother’s Day which is good enough for me.

So to honor our mommies, we are asking the residents of gay Wilton Manors, “Are you a good or bad gay son?”  We’ll be posting YOUR answers leading up to May 8 when hopefully, ya’ll will be taking your moms out for some brunch or something.

Let’s meet Charlie (pictured: isn’t he adorable).  Charlie CLAIMS to be a good gay son.  He kind of describes himself as “straight gay.”  Let’s take a look…


okay… I guess I am a good gay son because I help around the house cleaning and fixing things. I can do handy things like electrical work, painting, and plumbing. I have a pretty good taste for decorating.  I can help pick out good clothes; I buy AWESOME presents. (Chanel sunglasses, Fendi Purse, Tiffany wine glasses).  I’m clean, and I clean up after myself. I am responsible and pay my bills. idk… thats all i can think of… I’m pretty f**king cool though.


I think Charlie is pretty f**cking cool, also.  Hey, Charlie, my birthday is coming up…just throwing it out there.  I don’t know if you’re picking up what I’m dropping down…

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