Judas Leaks & Gaga Is Pissed

Lady Gaga’s “Judas” video appears to have sprung a leak. The video, which was scheduled to premiere at 7PM EST and 11:30PM EST on E! and reportedly at some point during “American Idol,” has already hit the net. In the clip, Gaga rides on the back of her lover’s motorcycle, but, eventually we see that the singer/”Holy fool” is also in love with one of her boyfriend’s disciples, aka Judas.

The video takes a Gaga turn when the provocateur appears in some scenes that reflect some not-so-obvious religious iconography in between choreographed dance scenes.

The video acts as the second visual interpretation from Gaga’s highly anticipated “Born This Way” album, due May 23.

Gaga isn’t too pleased about the video leak. “Stop leaking my motherf**king videos,” she wrote on her official Twitter page.

Source: Global Grind

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