Juiceblendz: Gay Jamba Juice

I am completely OBSESSED with Juiceblendz. Located right across from my office in the Shoppes of Wilton Manors in gay Wilton Manors, this place is the bomb.  And yes, I did just say “the bomb.”

I frequent Juiceblendz about 3 times a week and it tastes consistent each and every time. It’s like the gay version of Jamba Juice, but their smoothies don’t taste like chalk.  The food is super fresh and their smoothies are made to order.  Whatever dietary needs you have, you can rest assured that the staff will accommodate you as best they can.

Upon entry to the store you’re greeted within, like, 30 seconds and regardless of what the staff might be doing at the time, they drop everything to take your order. It is the epitome of customer service.

If you haven’t been in, you’re honestly missing out.



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