Pride Center Founder Circle Reception

Last night was The Pride Center Founder Circle Reception at B Ocean Hotel in gay Fort Lauderdale.  Held in the hotel’s beautiful penthouse suite the event had a great turnout and was a huge success.

The reception featured an array of complimentary food and drinks including paella, fresh cut meats churrasco style, fresh cut veggies and an open bar (the longest line in the venue).

Major Gifts Officer, Jason Burns, gave a truly inspirational speech about future Pride Center goals and endeavors, while expressing great gratitude to those who have already donated to the Center, including 1 anonymous donor, and to those who plan on donating in the future.

“It will cost you less than a small Starbucks coffee a day,” Burns said.

The event brought out gay Fort Lauderdale’s finest including Cal Steinmetz and Donn Rubin (who also serves on the Pride Center’s Board of Directors).

For more information on gay Fort Lauderdale’s Pride Center and upcoming Pride Center events, or to learn more about becoming a member click here.

Don’t forget to check out the picture gallery!  We should all be thankful that we have an organized establishment like The Pride Center that is dedicated to spreading the idea of pride and dedicated to bettering our community.

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