Gaga Drops New Track Monday

Get ready gay Fort Lauderdale, Pittsburgh’s 96.1 KISS radio station claims that Lady Gaga is going to drop her next single, Edge of Glory, Monday around 3 (or whenever they physically get the track).

This will be the 3rd single off of the highly anticipated album, Born This Way.

The station allegedly received an email from Interscope Records that read:

“We will be servicing Lady Gaga “Edge of Glory” on Monday 5/9 at 3PM via eFolio from IGAPromotion. The single will go live on iTunes at 1PM PST/4PM EST. This will be the kick off to the iTunes countdown to the album release on 5/23.”

All I have to say is if I hear one more song with a religious reference or a song that supposedly has “a message about a cultural rebirth,” I’m gonna vomit.

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