Brazil Legalizes Civil Unions

It’s getting better!  Well, I don’t know if ya’ll in gay Wilton Manors heard but Brazil’s high court has ruled to legalize same-sex civil unions, which will give legal rights to gay couples including alimony and retirement benefits.


The Catholic Church fought the measure to prevent a complete legalization of gay marriage, but something is cleary better than nothing in this case.

Marcelo Cerqueira of the gay rights group Grupo Gay da Bahia had this to say:

This is a historic moment for all Brazilians, not just homosexuals. This judgment will change everything for us in society – and for the better. Gays, lesbians and transsexuals will be recognized as being more human. We’ll be more accepted by having our rights honored.

This ruling will help. The violence comes about because of impunity for those who commit it. When a country judges a case like this in favor of us, it will have an impact across the judicial and law enforcement sectors.

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