Did Gaga Rip Off Cher?

As promised, Lady Gaga released the third single from her highly anticipated album “Born This Way,” entitled “Edge of Glory.”  I actually REALLY like this song. It’s way better than Judas, but it reminds me of something else.

Cher’s “Believe” and Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” seem to have the same back beat. What’s up with that?  Either way I’m already kind of obsessed with it, but then again I’m obsessed with Cher.  See for yourselves gay Wilton Manors, listen to both…

3 thoughts on “Did Gaga Rip Off Cher?

  1. the song is cher-esque alright. Look up Song for the Lonely by Cher, and it goes from a mere beat stealing session to a complete audio rehash. Check the original Cher one, not the amped remix and you will see what I mean.

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