Learn How To Write Florida Agenda

Alright, Florida Agenda tell me what’s up.  I don’t know how many of you out in gay Wilton Manors actually read Florida Agenda, but the publication is 76-issues in and it still kind of…well…we’ll say needs some work.

I was reading it the other day and I have a few gripes.  Okay, first of all it’s a news publication.  I know I’m a little bit biased because I’m a trained writer, and to an untrained eye the format of the stories seems okay but it is NOT okay.  There is a formula to writing a news story and these writers either don’t know about it, or choose to ignore it.  Whatever the case may be, get with the program if you want your news to be taken seriously.

Second of all, has anyone else noticed that a lot of the stories just seem to be shameless plugs for businesses.  I’m not just talking about the occasional name drop, but full addresses and establishment locations “weaved” in to certain stories.  I say “weaved” in quotes because “weaved” would suggest that it is seamlessly done, which it never is.

To be fair, a lot of Florida Agenda’s content is pretty solid.  They keep it newsworthy and interesting but let’s keep in mind that trying is not succeeding and that some of those writers need to take some serious writing lessons.


4 thoughts on “Learn How To Write Florida Agenda

  1. Have you ever tried writing an article while up for 9 days on Crystal Meth??? Let’s just say that it’s not the easiest task.. Considering that, they’re doing pretty well.

  2. They fired an employee who was writing a piece that exposed Living Room for being involved in a scam in which iPhones are being stolen from customers. They fired him because Living Room is a major advertiser with them. Sad sad

    1. As we can see, they clearly do have an “AGENDA”..

      It’s quite sad too, especially considering that it’s a local publication.. The Agenda doesn’t support real reporting – they are biased.. Money and personal interest outweigh honest and fair reporting for them, just like most major media outlets..

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