Get Your Hoochi Coochi Waxed

Sooooo, I don’t even know what to say.  Like, the thought of a guy getting his um, area, waxed sounds like it would be entirely too painful.  I mean, I’m hurting just thinking about it and i don’t even have any balls.  Well, I guess I do figuratively…you get it.

Anyways, my best friend in gay Fort Lauderdale called me up and told me that there’s a salon in Lantana called, “Hoochie Coochie Wax Studio” that offers male waxing packages.  I’m not really sure why he felt like i needed to know this, but I guess we just share entirely WAY too much information about ourselves to each other. TYPICAL.  But check out the names their packages:

The Whole Hoochi (Boyzilian)

Down & Under (sac & crack)

Buns & In Between (Glutes & Crack)

Do you think this is something that gay Fort Lauderdale needs in the area?  I guess if it keeps you clean and neat down there it would totes be worth it.  I mean, nobody likes the Amazon right? This one time my friend tried to Nair…Ok, I’m gonna get carried away with vulgarity (because that’s how I am).  This post needs to be over…

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