Destination: Humpy's Pizza

Hmmm, well this is interesting.  My boss and I carried on a social experiment this afternoon.  Yea, we’re SO Bill Nye The Science Guy.

We’ve been hearing through the grapevine that one of the reasons I might possibly be getting less than average service in some of the places in gay Wilton Manors is because I’m, DUN DUN DUNNN, A GIRL!

So, we walked over to Humpy’s Pizza for lunch and tried things out.  I have to say that I’m not sure whether it was because they’ve recognized me from the past times I’ve been in there or if it’s because I was with a dude, but they were pretty damn nice.  They actually greeted us when we walkied in and thanked us when we left.

Now, don’t get me wrong they definitely weren’t Java Boys friendly, or Starbucks customer service oriented but they weren’t dead men walking this time around.

As they say in Clueless, “Not a total betty, but a vest improvement.”

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