Fancy Homeless Man

So for lunch yesterday I decided that I was craving a foot long…SUBWAY SANDWICH (get your mind out of the gutter!).  I drove my happy little self to the Subway on Dixie right by Publix a few blocks down the road from Grand Central Station aka Starbucks 26th Street in gay Wilton Manors (the one that my boo Steven works at).

I was on the phone with one of my ex-boyfriends when I parked my car and saw this amazing specimen of a human.  He was a homeless man walking on the sidewalk along Dixie.  He was holding an imaginary flute and was wearing a gold watch. This was one fancy bitch.

As he played his imaginary flute I couldn’t help but stare.  I know, I know it’s so rude to stare but come on.  An imaginary flute, guys!  He was definitely homeless.  Like, ripped clothes, ungroomed beard…kinnnddaa looked like Osama Bin Laden but it wasn’t because ya know, he’s dead (go US).

I tried to call him over to give him money, but he was just so in tune with his imaginary flute.  Maybe next time.  I think i might need to get an up close and personal interview with this guy.  Assuming he can put his imaginary flute down and make time to chat!

Awww, gay Wilton Manors loves you imaginary flute playing, gold watch wearing, homeless man.

2 thoughts on “Fancy Homeless Man

  1. Cheers to the homeless guy ! Now about Subway advertising ? Isn’t it about time they drop “Jared” the once fat now slimmed down geek from their commercials ? It almost makes me wanna puke to see him in those adds?

    1. hahahaha…they should take some notes from Quiznos’ sponge monkeys. I loved those damn things!

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