Bruno Mars Is The Sex

Last night I got the pleasure of attending the Bruno Mars concert at the Fillmore in gay Miami.  Before i get to the sexiness that is Bruno Mars, let’s talk about the opening acts.

Ok, first you had Plan B…we were all kind of scared because it sounded like an abortion was gonna go down on stage but they were AWESOME.  These white guys from the UK came out and broke it down. They beat boxed some of the greatest 90’s dance songs to start off the set, went in to some original music and then broke it down to some Temptations backed by beat box beats.  DOWN WITH THE ILLEST SICKNESS.

Then you had Janelle Monae.  Okay, yes she is very talented.  Mary can sanggggg, but her set went on FOREVER.  Her audio was really hard to hear.  I could appreciate her style though.  She had a really retro, Gucci menswear feel going on.  Her show was really lively and even though she was kind of hard to understand at times, she kept your interest through the onstage antics and costumes that were very a la Lady Gaga.

FINALLY, my husband, Bruno Mars took the stage.  First of all, he’s just beautiful and he has the straightest teeth ever.  He sings like a heaven sent angel and his crotch thrusts just threw me over the edge.  The way the crowd was reacting, you would have thought Elvis was on stage.  He sang pretty much every song on his album, the choruses from songs he’s featured on and a song that was on the deluxe version of his album.

Overall, this was a really great concert.  Each performer really delivered.  And get this, I even ran into some random guy that works at Rosie’s in gay Wilton Manors!  What are the odds?!  Oy vey…

2 thoughts on “Bruno Mars Is The Sex

  1. It really was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, minus the 1,000,000 9 year old girls that have never been to a concert, or seen a man that can thrust his crotch like that! AND you forgot Philip… he is amazing!

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