Destination: Tee-Jay Thai Sushi

Hold up wait a minute let me put my 2-sense in it…OMG Tee-Jay Thai Sushi is THE SHIZ.  I’m in love, totally in love. Okay, gay Wilton Manors, this is quality sushi. It just got real, up  in gay Fort Lauderale.

Ok, first of all i ordered a miso soup, green salad with ginger dressing and a california roll.  Don’t judge, I like to keep it simple.  The miso soup was delicious.  It came out steaming hot and tasted amazing.  There was lots of tofu in it and the bowl was a bit larger than the standard bowl you see at sushi joints.  The green salad was also larger than usual.  All the veggies were very fresh and the dressing was one of the best ginger dressings I’ve ever had at a sushi restaurant.  My california roll was a fairly decent size and all the ingredients were, again, very fresh.  The roll also stayed fully intact.  None of the pieces fell apart which was surprising since the sushi chef was AMERICAN.  Yea, i was pretty surprised too.

I felt bad because I kept staring because he was the only American worker in there…and he was the sushi chef?  BLEW my mind, just blew my mind, ya’ll.  The interior of the restaurant was beautiful.  It’s got a modern, sleek theme going on with purple walls and lighting fixtures that look straight up out of IKEA.  What’s a restaurant in gay Wilton Manors if you don’t cater to your IKEA loving gay?!

This restaurant is also moderately priced.  The prices are the typical prices you would see at a sushi restaurant.  No more and no less.  I highly suggest this place, you won’t regret it!



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