DJ Extraordinaire: Joshua Atom

Joshua Atom is probably my favorite DJ in gay South Florida.  Aside from just being a genuinely nice person and a total cutie, Josh’s DJing skills are insane and he is SO humble about his talent.  Can you tell I absolutely adore him?

This year marks the 10th anniversary for Josh being behind the turn tables and making those mash-ups and mix CD’s that we love so much.

Josh says he’s always been into music so DJ-ing was just kind of a natural progression.

Back in the day, he used to be in a rock band called “Groovenics,” where he played keyboard and samples.

“I made noise, we had a national CD out and a song on an X-box game (Project Gotham) but we broke up in 2003,” Josh said.

It was owner of the Lounge, Jon Elu, who offered Josh his first gig at Kashmir in West Palm Beach.

“It was fun and all of the sudden that night took off and I got other gigs and then it turned into a career…a business,” Josh said.

Today, Josh’s schedule is understandably BOOKED to the max.  He DJ’s Glee Tuesdays at Rebar, Dollar Wells Wednesdays at Rebar, Drag Bingo Thursdays at The Lounge, 3-Way Fridays at Rebar, Saturdays at Rebar and Tdance/Bingo Sundays at Rebar.

And unlike a lot of other DJ’s, Josh really knows and listens to his crowd.  He says he’ll pretty much play any type of music that is fun or that gets the crowd going.  Speaking from experience, Josh is always willing to take requests and if he doesn’t have something you request one time, he will more than likely have it the next time you see him.  He’s just good like that.

His band Groovenics is holding a reunion show July 23rd at Propaganda.  For more information on this event, click here.

Or, check out DJ Joshua Atom on: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or on his Youtube page where he posts video remixes!

EEEkkk, WiltonDriveOnline loves himmmmm.

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  1. Josh is phenominal musician all around and a awesome person!!! I have had the pleasure of seeing him in the band and in the booth!! He is simply amazing!! =)

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