Gaga Loves Dildos

There’s not really too much that shocks me when it comes to Lady Gaga.  HOWEVER, her choice in footwear as her stint as mentor to the American Idol kids kindddaaa caught me offguard.  Her 4-inch platforms featured dildos for heels.

Did any of you in gay Fort Lauderdale catch this?

Kind of in love with these.  I feel like I need them because when I get mad at someone and tell them I’m going to shove my foot up their ass, depending on their orientation they’re either going to be really scared or really pleased. And either way, someone wins!

3 thoughts on “Gaga Loves Dildos

  1. I actually don’t like these. First off she is trying to hard to be edgy. And second shame on American Idol and Gaga because 2 of the 3 contestants that are left are only 16 and these shoes are inappropriate. If she wants to wear dildo shoes she can wear them at the porn awards where they belong!

  2. Damn her – I have been looking EVERYWHERE for my shoes. How did she get in my closet? Now I think I know where all my sequined bra’s disappeared to.

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