Closet Case

So this is interesting.  My parents live about 1 hour and 20 minutes north of Wilton Manors in the bodunk town that is Palm City.  A few houses down from them lives a doctor.  He has longer wavy/curly hair, a really nice complexion and he drives around in his brand new corvette, generally, with the top down.  At first I thought, maybe he’s just flashy and likes to be pampered.  If I spent all those years in school to become a doctor, I’d wanna live the good life also.

Then about 3 months ago I went to a mixer at, who would end up being, my future boss’s house.  Who comes waltzing in with his, “girlfriend?”  Mr. Doctor man!  I don’t really remember too much of the party, but I do remember that he was very charismatic, talkative and really personable.  His girlfriend didn’t really say much.  Still, didn’t really think too much of it.  My gaydar kind of went off a little bit, but metrosexuals can really throw that off.  I’m also not one to judge…most of the time.

Finally, fast forward to yesterday.  There was a Mr. Dr. Man spotting in gay Wilton Manors at the nucleus of the town.  That’s right, Starbucks 26th Street. What was Mr. Dr. Man doing in gay Wilton Manors.  I don’t believe he has a practice here and there wasn’t, to my knowledge, any seminars going on.  My boss is the one who had the sighting and he said that from word, “go” he thought he might be gay.  Scandalous.  I know!

I guess the first step is to get his name and stop referring to him as Mr. Dr. Man.

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