Doggy Day Care Is All The Rage

I’m kind of obsessed with my dog. Porkchop is pretty much the most amazing animal ever.  She gets excited when I come home and upset when I leave.  It’s kind of adorable.  Well, she’s adorable when she’s not chewing on my Chanel sandal but I guess that’s a whole different issue.

Anyway, I kind of treat Porkchop like my child.  I think she, just like you and I, deserves the best.  When I’m at work I think that it’s important for her to be treated like the beautiful princess that she is, which is why she goes to gay Fort Lauderdale’s Central Bark Doggy Day Care.

Central Bark is pretty much a theme park for dogs.  Kind of awesome.  This is not a dog boarding or dog kennel place…PUH-LEASE. Central Bark has trained professionals that take your dog outside where they can socialize with all their friends.  It’s like preschool for dogs.

There’s even an in house dog groomer, Miguel, who is basically a god with a dog brush.  At the end of your work day you can pick up your pooch knowing that they were in a safe and loving environment where they were having a great time.

For more information on Central Bark Doggy Day Care, click here.


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