Review: Born This Way

Today is the day Little Monsters of gay Fort Lauderdale!!!  May 23 marks the beginning of some weird cultural rebirth…or something.  At least, that’s what Lady Gaga wants us to think.  Anyways, let’s take this album song by song shall we.

Born This Way: This is probably STILL my favorite song on the album.  I love the beat, love the message and love her voice.  DONE

Government Hooker: This song does nothing for me.  I don’t like the guy’s voice in the track, and I’m not really a big fan of hookers either.

Judas: The second single off of the album, I didn’t love this song at first, but I actually really like it now.  Although it does have Biblical references it’s done fairly tastefully and although she speaks through some parts of the song she still showcases her voice which makes it a good balance.

Americano:  What the hell is this song?  Her voice is really friggin annoying in this track and it’s WAY too theatrical for my taste.

Hair: I love this song.  A lot of people believe that your hair holds certain energies and I think this song is a great representation of this theory.  It’s not over produced and the saxophone in the background is a nice touch which is also heard throughout the album in other songs.

ScheiBe: FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG…This song is very retro sounding to me. Think 90’s pop, girl power, no inhibitions.

Bloody Mary: Two thumbs down!  This song is way too slow, I don’t like the religious references and her screaming is kind of scary.  She talks through pretty much the entire song and for someone SO disgustingly talented this is not her best work.  And what the hell is “dancing with your hands?”

Black Jesus + Amen Fashion: This song is just okay.  I think this song is a great representation of Lady Gaga and her climb to fame but like some of the other songs the lyrics borderline don’t make sense, even with poetic license, and she is kind of hard to understand.

Bad Kids: Is she grasping for song idea?

Fashion of His Love: This song sounds like 3 other songs on this album…with an 80’s twist.

Highway Unicorn: This song has that dark, muffled sound that I’m just not a fan of.  Again, she doesn’t really sing most of this song it’s more of her yelling and talking.

Heavy Metal Lover: This song is just stupid.

Electric Chapel: This song isn’t great and it’s not bad…It just IS.

The Queen (bonus track version): I like the beat of this song and I like that it’s upbeat and compared to the rest of the album it’s a seemingly  happy track.

You and I: This is kind of a typical slower ballad for Gaga with heavy percussion and piano.

The Edge of Glory: I love, love, love this jam…this is a great exercise song.  Just sayin!

Overall, I’d say this album is mediocre…YEA I SAID IT!  I think she’s super talented, but I miss the days of “Fame.”  In a few things I’ve read, Lady Gaga said that she really tried experimenting with different sounds, which is really apparent when you listen to this album.  I think that anyone can say what they want about this album, but Gaga really is a testament to what being an artist is really about.

It’s about making art the way you want to you make your art and getting your message out there and she certainly DOES do that.  So in that respect, I think that this was a very well executed album.


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