Things I Love About Wilton Manors

Well gay Wilton Manors, I’ve been working here for a few months and I’ve gotta say I kinda like it.  Being a straight girl in a gay man’s world ain’t easy.  Trust me.

From the minute I landed on Wilton Drive I knew I was going to love it, though.  Let’s recap the reasons why I like gay Wilton Manors:

  • It’s nice to walk around as a girl and not have straight guys stare you down like they’re raping you with their eyes (SO gross)
  • At any point in time, in any establishment you’ll either hear: Lady Gaga, Madonna or Cher
  • The entertainment factor…Come on, homeless men with gold watches are priceless
  • Starbucks 26th Street (I love Steven)
  • You can get out of your car in a skirt and not worry about flashing your “Britney” to everyone…because nobody cares

And every time I walk down The Drive in my 4 inch heels, I can’t help but feel like a bobo Carrie Bradshaw or even a modern day That Girl. Well, a girl can dream right…*wink

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