Colored Hair WTF

So I went to lunch today at Juiceblendz and I was obnoxiously talking on the phone with a friend who after months I’ve reconnected with.  We’re basically in love.  So after I ate (yes, while still on the phone) I walked outside and just stood out for a few minutes in the sun while finishing my phone convo.

First of all, I’d just like to point out that if you knew me and you knew how pale I am you’d know that standing in any direct sunlight is a rare occurrence for me.  MOVING ON.

While I was standing there I noticed all of the guys with colored hair.  Not like, blonde and black but like red and purple.  Ummmm…I actually love colored hair but one guy looked like a gay parrot or something.  The second guy I saw had a very sexy Adam Lambert kind of appeal and it really suited his look.

Gay Wilton Manors, this is one trend that I’m actually really happy with.  I could do without the oversized designer sunglasses, but the colored hair is a keeper!  I’m actually going to get feather extensions put in my hair…JEALOUS???

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