Diary of an Addict

Ya know how you’ll randomly get an email from a friend that just reads “YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS?”  Well, this happened to me the other day and I was redirected, to my surprise, to the Pride Institute of Florida website.  Alright, now my interest is peaked.

The email told me to click hover over “News,” and click on “Diary of an Addict.”  See, my friends and I are giant dorks and being the weird creative nerds that we are, we’re always looking to find inspiration in places where you might not find it.  THIS, is one of those places.

Diary of an Addict,” is written by a recovering crystal meth addict who tells his truly inspirational story in the MOST entertaining way possible.  It’s funny, serious, informative and BRILLIANT.  This guy doesn’t hold anything back and although it’s just an entry, you can tell that this the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Check out the UNEDITED ENTRY that Wilton Drive Online exclusively obtained below…and let us know if ya’ll out there is gay Fort Lauderdale agree with us.

Entry 1: Terminal Uniqueness

As of this glorious day, I have 8 months and 10 days clean from methamphetamine (e.g., “crystal meth”, “Tina”, “ice”). Cue parade here; waiting…still waiting for the marching band; impatiently waiting for majorettes twirling firebatons…big sigh….ok, now I’m distraught! Hello, anyone there? It’s me, Mr.Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. What? Why on earth would you be confused? (Insert 10 seconds of uncomfortable silence here). Perhaps a more formal introduction would help provide clarity. Hello, my name is ______ and I am an addictwho suffered from “terminal uniqueness.” The first part (addict) was easy to grasp; the second part (uniqueness) was extremely difficult to comprehend. By “terminal uniqueness,” I believed I was extra special, different from the rest, superior in thinking; could ace the test. If I were a television character I would be Blair from “Facts of Life”, Carol Seaver from “Growing Pains”or Rachel Berry from “Glee.” To be completely honest, I had no idea I subscribed to this mindset until recently (8 months and 10 days ago to be exact). This belief of superiority is a main reason it has taken me 4 years to get 8 months of continuous sobriety.

I thought I could figure out a way to refrain from using drugs on my own; uniqueness coupled with intellect was all I required to ace the sobriety test. Wow,was I mistaken; as a result I continually relapsed. Granted, after each relapse I dusted myself off and pressed forward. The problem was with each relapse I lost alittle self-esteem, family support, financial and job security, friends, dignity and lets not forget the trust of my (non) addict husband. After four years of relapses I had hit rock bottom. Although I had not lost everything, I was certainly close. Simply put, I was a shell of my formal “terminally unique” self. One day something totally amazing happened…I had a spiritual awakening. This meth addict actually got down on his knees and prayed out loud to his Higher Power; guidance was the topic of my plea. Once I hit rock bottom I knew I was on good solid ground so I asked for the guidance to press forward and learn from each and every relapse. Subconsciously I had learned something from each experience; however, my Higher Power helped me put things into perspective. Each and every day I get down on my knees and ask for guidance.

Cut to me, 8 months and 10 days ago walking into a Crystal Meth Anonymous(CMA) meeting (much like I had done for 4 years); except this time I did something completely unorthodox….I listened. When all the chips were down, I kept it simple. To my surprise in the rooms of CMA I was not unique. I was just another addict with the hopes of another day clean and sober. Although I am an educated man, I am no different from the bum. We are both seeking sobriety. Talk about a spiritual awakening!

I am an addict and this is my diary.

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