Destination: Starbucks 26th Street

Public intoxication is a no, no gents of gay Wilton Manors.  I went to Starbucks 26th Street this morning, as per usual, to get my coffee fix and my hummus plate.  Yes, I’m aware hummus is more of a lunch appetizer but don’t judge me I kind of love hummus and could care less if my breath smells all day from it.  It’s call gum, guys.

Sitting at the bar in the area next to the platform where you get your food was a scruffy man, eating some kind of crumb cake thing drinking a coffee with a small espresso shot glass full of ice next to his glass mug.  Homeboy had to be drunk!

Ok, first of all he was talking fairly loud and I’m still not sure who he was talking to. I thought he was talking to the barista, but she DEFINITELY wasn’t paying attention. Then I thought he was talking to the cashier, but he wasn’t really paying any mind either.

It’s possible they weren’t listening to him because they couldn’t make out what the hell he was saying.  It was like a word salad.  Kind of like his words were tripping over his tongue on the way out of his mouth.

Maybe he wasn’t drunk, but all I’m saying is that if he was someone should inform this jolly fellow that 7 am is too early to be drinking.

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