Island City Canoe Race Gossip

Did any of you out there in gay Wilton Manors attend the 20th Annual Island City Canoe Race this last weekend?  If you didn’t, this was the event where teams of 10 competed in a 7 mile relay race around the city of gay Wilton Manors beginning at Colohatchee Ramp and ending at Richardson Historic Park.

There’s was a men’s division, women’s division and co-ed division.

My inside sources who attended this event gave me the gossip on the event.  First of all, all of the women were basically bitchy lesbians.  Absolutely nothing wrong with being a lesbian..Definitely something wrong with being a bitchy one though. Allegedly, it appeared as if one team hired a dude to ride around people in circles on a jet ski causing one canoe to flip.  LISTEN UP, it’s a canoe race ya’ll.  It is NOT that deep.

My favorite piece of gossip though was the fact that the peeps from SouthFloridaGayNews were a bunch of pricks!  Oy vey!  Word on the street is they were basically walking around with their noses in the area like they were better than everyone.  *cough*YOU’RE NOT*cough*

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