Old Navy Employees Suck

So, as you may recall, I made a post a few days ago announcing a whole line of gay pride Old Navy t-shirts that were set to be released on May 30.  Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts were supposedly being donated to the It Gets Better Project.

Like the lovely blogger that I am, I decided to find out exactly which locations would be carrying these shirts so that ya’ll could go out and pride it up.  Can we please discuss how incompetent the Old Navy employees are in gay South Florida?

Not only did none of them not have any clue what I was talking about, but they didn’t even know who I could contact to find out. I spoke to a few different managers who all seemed to cop a tude.  Really?!  You’re the manager that doesn’t know what’s going on in your own store.  TONE IT DOWN, HONEY.

I say we here in gay Wilton Manors protest these shirts and donate our money straight to the It Gets Better Project…I mean it’s not like we’re ever going to find an Old Navy location that actually sells these things anyways.

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