Reality Show In Local Club

Friday, June 3 marks the night that Living Room will start filming television’s next reality show: The Club.

Come on gay Fort Lauderdale.  Do ya’ll think you’re REALLY that interesting that you need a reality show about yourselves.  Real original: Club scene with a bunch of gay, glittered out dudes.  It kind of sounds like an even worse Jersey Shore…with way more Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.

Oy vey…this could get messy.  I’m not gonna lie though, I’m totally gonna watch it!

2 thoughts on “Reality Show In Local Club

  1. I believe television could use a more progressive approach to future entertainment. Our society is lacking a bevy of stimuli and reality television is NOT one of them. I just read an article in reference to Chelsea Handler. She was said to have been bored with what she is doing on E! and wants to do something smarter. At first, I applauded her because I too, yearn to be stimulated intelligently, but suddenly my heart sank when I realized the possibility of not being able to come home from a ‘hard days work’ and click the DVR into Chelsea Land for a bit. This brought me to a whole ‘nother level, but I digress.

    A reality television show based in our neighborhood could prove beneficial. In the real estate boom, south florida put a lot of dollars into this area and it still has yet to be utilized to it’s maximum potential. I grew up here my whole life, a native, and it would be amazing to see those empty store fronts and city streets filled with people again. I’d LOVE for people in other parts of the world to see our own ‘venice of america’ and I believe if south florida exploits the show the right way we can see those little empty boutiques and condos fill before our very eyes.

    I won’t watch it religiously, but I solemly swear to DVR it.

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