The Definition Of A Fetish

Source: David Magazine

When Madonna, in her ever-pressing efforts to spark controversy for attention, released her “Erotic” and “Sex” book in the early nineties, puritanial America was aghast.  Both featured graphic images of sado-masochism and Madge as a gold toothed dominatrix.  The video was banned on MTV and the record was Madonna’s first debut single off of an album that did not reach number one on the charts.

Oh, how times have changed.  Today, even pop sweetheart Rihanna is now singing how chains and whips excite her in “S&M,” and America isn’t batting an eye.  David Magazine spoke with Faith Michaels, whose Erotica isnpired track, “Fetish” is currently heating up afterhours dancefloors, to learn more.

What is up with America’s fetish fascination? I don’t think it’s so new.  I’ve been subscribing to newsleters for all kinds of fetishes for some time now.  Online, there thousands of websites devoted to fetish.  There some real kinky people out there.

It used to be that we kept our fetishes hidden. A fetish isn’t a fad.  It’s not like a pair of orange pants that’s all the rage one season and forgotten about the next.  A fetish lasts a lifetime, baby, and it’s who we are.  It’s time we embrace our desires.

What is the most unhealthy fetish? I guess I would say smoking.

What is the most popular fetish? I would guess it’s a tie between foot and leather.  Both have a lot of groups and websites dedicated to them.  The smell and look of leather can really be intoxicating.  Have you ever smelled a leather candle?  I have.  It is tantalizing.

Have you heard about looners? Yes, they enjoy the feeling of balloons against their skin.  Or some like the sound of balloons popping.  I would like to sit down with a looner and talk to them about their fetish.

What is the most misunderstood fetish? Cross dressing is probably the most misunderstood fetish.  Some straight men enjoy cross dressing.  They love the feel of stockings on their skin or the way panties look and feel.  Because I am a drag queen, I’ve had men come up to me and talk to me about cross dressing.  I’m always happy to answe questions one might have about fetish.

Why is it important that we embrace our fetishes? We should fully embrace every wonderful facet about ourselves.  No one should be ashamed of what is natural to their self.

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