Destination: Casablanca

OMG, in love with Casablanca.  IN-LOVE.  A lot of people collectively say that certain restaurants are really good, but I have to say I generally don’t believe them. Sometimes I just think that if something is expensive, then people in gay Wilton Manors think it’s good.

I went last night with a few friends and we were SO impressed.  I ordered a glass of white wine, the sweetest of course, and had the Black Tiger Cocktail which was a plate of giant shrimp, baby greens and a white and red cocktail sauce.  It was amazing.  The shrimp were huge…think Rep. Anthony Weiner.

My friend Chris ordered the crab cakes and a berry mojito with fresh strawberries in it.  Overall, a bill for four people came to about $130 not including tip which really isn’t so bad.


Two very enthusiastic thumbs up…


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