Lady Gaga Should Give Credit

This kind of blows.  So I was hanging out with my friend on Friday and he does this pretty amazing thing on his Facebook page that he calls Flashback Fridays (or something) where he posts a video from past decades.

Last Friday he posted a video that he said I “had to see.” The video was Destination UnKnown by Missing Persons. The band is fronted by Dale Bozzio who resembles Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, and even a little bit of Ke$ha.  My friend was telling me to check out the different looks.

Holy crap, it’s like Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani watched this video and ripped off Bozzio who had received no credit whatsoever. Look at the hair, a la Gwen Stefani around “Ex-Girlfriend.”  The heavy makeup, reminiscent of some of Gaga’s recent looks.  The bits of mirror on Bozzio’s face…uhhhh POKER FACE. Not to mention the super long extensions.

Come on ladies, can we give credit where credit is due.  Judge for yourself, gay Fort Lauderdale

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