Destination: Rodeo Southwestern Restaurant

A few weeks ago Rodeo Southwestern Restaurant & Bar opened in gay Wilton Manors conveniently and centrally located on Wilton Drive.

Last Friday, my friend and I decided to check it out.  We had been hearing great things, but then again…It doesn’t take a lot to excite some of my friends. *cough* you know who you are *cough*

Anyways, we walked in and the ambiance is really great.  It’s kind of rugged, but in well…a gay kind of way.  It’s kind of dark inside and has a country feel.  Which makes sense since it’s southwestern food.  Right now, the owners are in the process of obtaining their liquor license, so their drink menu is very limited.  They do offer sangrias, beergaritas and winearitas which are like hybrid drinks.

No, I did not have an alcohol beverage…I had to go back to work and actually function.  WOMP WOMP WOMP.

Our waiter was really nice.  Not the best, but really accommodating.  I had the blackened shrimp salad which was amazing and my friend ordered a burger which looked awesome.  The portion sizes were okay and the presentation was really beautiful.  It took a little while to get our food, but the taste made up for it.

It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t expensive either.  Typical Wilton Manors prices.  My friend noticed that there wasn’t seating outside, although there didn’t appear to be an over abundance of room for that sort of thing.  We concluded that with the right management, the restaurant could probably do really well.

I definitely suggest that you at least try it.  If you’re a vegetarian the menu is a bit limiting but like I said before, they were very accommodating.



5 thoughts on “Destination: Rodeo Southwestern Restaurant

  1. We had lunch there in early June. We had the mac and cheese trio for a starter. Huge portion but mediocre. The macaroni was overcooked. Of the three types, only the southwestern flavored was tasty. (The other two were smoked gouda and cheddar/bacon.)

    For main courses we had a shrimp Po’ Boy and a burger. Each came with a choice of sides. We had the curly fries (bland and boring) and the sweet potato tater tots (not bad; cute idea). The huge problem was the bread on both sandwiches. It was crummy supermarket quality roll (Po’ Boy) and bun (burger). We literally took the food off the bread and ate the rest of the sandwiches, which were not that great either. They need to do a much better job of sourcing their ingredients. For that matter, you can now get an awesome and much cheaper Po’ Boy at Popeyes, with delicious bread. Even Boston Market now bakes their own French rolls for their sandwiches, and it’s shockingly good bread.

    The service was pretty good, and the decor/ambiance was above average for Wilton Drive. Not as good as Galanga in terms of food, service, and ambiance, but better than, say, Tropics.

    (The best food right now on the drive, especially the burgers and fried chicken, is at Georgie’s Alibi.)

    1. I’m pretty sure while we were there our waiter made a reference to food just coming in frozen bags, which also let me to believe that they didn’t source well for their ingredients.

  2. I have been several times, and I keep going back! Yes, the bread the first time I was there was different than the other times (I must say it was way better than Popeyes, sorry!!), but it has been consistently great ever since they changed it. I mean, it is a new restaurant after all. I would be shocked if the food comes in frozen bags??? It has been great so far! I had the raspberry chipotle chicken salad, and tasted fresh to me! I’m not one for spice, but Rodeos menu has many options as well to please the palate. Rodeo is a true restaurant, not a bar trying to serve food. It is a much needed welcome to the Drive, and I support it. It was nice to go somewhere for a change where the service was attentive and friendly…and attractive too!

  3. My partner and I stoped in for lunch.There was a table of 5 and ourselves.It took over an hour to be served our food. It was by far the worst food we have hade in a long time.At no point did management speak to us about our concerns. SAVE your money,this place needs to move on

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