Tell Tale Signs That A Co-Worker May Be Gay

Ok, gay Wilton Manors this list is pretty amazing.  One of my bffls posted this on Facebook and it’s all kind of true…well, ya know, in a stereotypical “haha” kind of way.  Well, see for yourself…


  1. Do they insist on using a MAC?
  2. Do they drive a Prius or a Mini Cooper?
  3. With an Obama Sticker, Equality Sticker or Coexist sticker on the back?
  4. Have they ever asked you to go to the theatre?
  5. Do they have earphones that secretly lead to an Ipod?
  6. Do you hear brags of excessive alcoholism?
  7. Is there vegetarian food in the office fridge?
  8. Does anyone ride their bike to work?
  9. Are there some that text on their phones more than they work?
  10. Does anyone use the term “FYI?’

Ya know, what’s sad is that half of this list is true in terms of myself…what the hell does that meant?!  oy!

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