Destination: Galanga

It was decided about a week ago that my office was going to “do lunch” in honor of one of the birthdays that had passed not too long ago.  As a gift, the birthday boy was given a giftcard to Galanga which is where we decided to go.

Located in gay Wilton Manors, Galanga is a Thai kitchen and sushi bar with authentic dishes. The inside of this restaurant is pretty cute.  I mean, yeaaaaa it kind of resembles an old I-Hop (which at one time it might have been) due to the way the roof is, but it was really camouflaged well.

Each person at our table of six ordered something different.  I ordered Combination Roll which came with a California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, and Salmon Skin Roll.  It was delicious.  The inside scoop is that about 1 month the restaurant hired a new chef who is totally turning it out.

Someone else got the Sashimi Salad which had larger than average chunks of tuna on top, while another person ordered Shrimp Fresh Ginger that came with a side of white rice.

Each plate was beautifully presented.  The portions were fairly large and everything was very fresh.  Our waiter was really nice and everyone that worked there was really attractive.  Especially the one guy that totally looked like Zachary Quinto. ANYWAYS, my Combination Roll plate ended up coming out a few minutes after everyone else’s food.  The manager hand delivered my plate and as an “i’m sorry” gave us complimentary banana tempora for dessert.

A few people at my table were even saying that they thought it was better than Tee-Jay’s.  Oh snapppp Wilton Manors it’s about to get real…drama on the drive?

Personally, I still like Tee-Jay’s better (I got your back booboo) but that’s MY personal opinion.

One thought on “Destination: Galanga

  1. I’m hesitant to write but my experience was disappointing enough that you may benefit from the feedback. The crabcakes were too small and full of filler (and overpriced). The cheesecake was inedible. I really feel like my money was asted on that one nasty bite. People should really be warned better about the “cheesecake”. The people were nice but the food was extremely disappointing. I should point out also that the menu on the website does not match the restaurant.

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