A Cultural World Of Difference

What’s up gay Wilton Manors?!  So the other day, without even knowing it, I conducted a social experiment.  Let me give you the abstract right quick.  So I go to this bar every Tuesday.  Total Dive.  There’s a guy that looks like Justin Bieber mixed with Travis Barker. Don’t judge, I’m kind of enamored.

Since I’m an awesome stalker, I totally tracked him down on Facebook (everyone needs to add WDO, bitches).  And so comes the question: “Is it creepy to message someone on Facebook that you don’t really know but see out all the time?”  Total Carrie Bradshaw moment, I’m aware.

So I posted this on the Official Wilton Drive Online Facebook page, as well as my personal Facebook page.  On my personal page, all of the straight people said that messaging someone you don’t really know was “creepy,” and “made me look like a stalker.”

HOWEVER, all of my gay friends (including all of you) said that I should totally go for it and that it wasn’t weird at all.  One of my good friends Matty even said, “I say creep on. TLC creeped and it was cool.”  Best quote ever, right?

Now, I’m a free bitch and I’ll do what I want.  I ended up deciding NOT to message him because in the event that he would be freaked out I still have to see him out and about.  But why was there such a difference in opinion, and why was the difference of opinion directly related to sexuality?

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